The valleys

If the Weehaw life is a roller-coaster, that means we have unexpected, stomach-in-throat drops into deep valleys. Some of the valleys are deeper than others, and sometimes it seems like we are never going to go uphill again. The phrase “lonesome valley” comes to mind.

I’m in one of those valleys right now, the lonesome kind. It’s the loneliness that gets to me, the knowledge that while others may share parts of this crazy ride with me, they get whisked away to another route while I continue on through the dry and dusty path. I feel as if I must resign myself to set up camp here and live the rest of my life as the crazy lady waaaaaay on the outskirts of town, the one no one talks to but everyone talks about.

But there’s this funny thing about valleys: They’re often more full of life than the mountains surrounding them. Gravity exists all over the planet. Water is pulled downwards. As the saying goes, “Shit rolls downhill,” and the truth is that bird and animal poo often contains seeds, so the seeds roll with it. These seeds don’t blow out of the valley because the mountains keep the winds at bay. The seeds take root and grow because the soil is good here.

Truth is, I become lonely and sad when I consider the mountain tops I HAVE been on, but moreso the mountains I think I SHOULD be on. Instead, I should take this time to consider the valley. How might I find life here? How might I find growth here? Where might I nourish my soul and perhaps even find rest? After all, the famous 23rd Psalm (you know, the “valley of the Shadow of Death one”) says God comforts us here.

So my fellow Weehaw-ers, let’s pause here in the valley and find some strength here. Goodness knows we’re going to need it. We’ll be going back uphill before we know it. After all, this is the ride of our lives!

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