The Unexpected Roller-coaster

My parents have told the tale several times of getting onto a train at the amusement park with us when we were young. They thought it was a casual train ride and found out -too late- that it was a roller-coaster or a thrill ride! This may be why I avoid coasters more often than not. I can’t imagine getting onto a nice, gentle ride only to find out it’s got loops or drops.

Some people manage to avoid the craziness in their life’s ride. Even though things don’t always go as predicted, the twists and turns aren’t too heavy, the drops aren’t too deep and the hills aren’t too steep. Some folks simply have fairly easy sailing instead of a nutty flume ride.

But sometimes…sometimes the ride turns from cutesy-wutesy to scary (not scary-wary). The adorable moments in the Hundred Acre Wood give way to the unexpected nightmare of Tigger’s Abyss. And suddenly our idea of our sure foundation doesn’t seem so very sure.

I won’t say that my Weehaw life is always fun. I can’t tell someone who’s mistakenly just boarded the mine train that it’s all going to be OK. I can tell them that they are going to find moments where it’s not insane. They’ll find those times in valleys, those times of straight, flat rest. They will learn that the foundation really IS sure, it’s just a lot further down than they thought. And yeah, there may be some tough times, but there will be times where they learn to laugh at themselves for ever wanting a different ride.

Welcome to the Weehaw world, folks. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

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